The coop survival card game
for 1 to 6 players!


It’s the apocalypse! Zombies are everywhere. There are many sorts of them. From the weak dog walking granny to the terrible beast that no longer proves Darwin’s theory. There are also looting raiders. Basterds! And guess who was chosen to save the night? You! Play as one of the absurd heroes available and benefit unique perks. 

Every round, search the rubbles and gather resources to prepare for the wave to come. When the horde hits the fan, be ready to trade and craft items. It’s your last stand before combat.

Draw and shuffle the corresponding amount of enemies to the table and start kicking some asses! Pick the right approach and brace yourself, you will have to survive 6 different waves to save the day… well the night.


Fully funded on Kickstarter! Thanks to all backers.

"It's fast.
It's furious.
I definitely recommend it!"

— Rolling solo

"Perfect for
any family
to put on
the table!"

— Quackalope

"An instant
favorite with
a real

— Nixx

The rules

Discover the "alpha" version of the rulebook and get ready to play the game!

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